Social projects

On this page you can get information about our social activities and, possibly, join it.


Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskiy orphanage is 95 years old! 03.02.2015

January 30 at the Ryazan Youth Palace hosted the celebration of the 95th years anniversary of the children's home. "Community" Company as one of the chiefs of the orphanage attended the event at an expanded format.

The opening of the sports complex 01.09.2014

On Friday, August 29, at Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskogo orphanage there was a ceremonial opening of the new sports complex. Funds for the construction and organization were crowded by the Fund for support the construction and development of "Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskiy Stadium", the founders of which was the Company "Community"

The Circle of the Year 2014 28.05.2014

Traditionally, at the end of May at the Sheremetyevo-Pesochinsky Orphanage is a festival "Circle of the year." This year it was held for the fourth time - on Friday, May 23. "Circle of the Year" is a holiday, which summarizes the activities of all pupils and staff in the school year.

Sheremetyevo-Pesochinsky orphanage invited friends for the New Year 26.12.2013

New Year celebrations in Sheremetyevo-Pesochinsky orphanage opened! Representatives of Company "Community", as usual, come to the New Year event and once again have been surprised at how talented and gifted children live in the orphanage.

"Colorful Planet" 27.05.2013

Sheremetievo-Pesochinsky Children’s Home, as usual, took the guests with such warmth that does not want to leave.

Our friend's gift 12.02.2013

February 8 we visited Sheremetievo-Pesochinsky Children’s Home due to its birthday. For the time that we are familiar relationships have become truly friendly. At this time our friends greeted us with touching gifts.

"The Circle of Friends" in Sheremetievo-Pesochinsky Children’s Home 07.12.2012

Our representatives revisited Sheremetievo-Pesochinsky Children’s Home (orphanage). On this day there took place the traditional holiday "Circle of Friends".