Help to the Orphanage - 2015

The Fund to support the construction and development of "Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskiy Stadium" and "Community" Company start a new project to help children's home.

Due to the difficult economic situation, this year we decided to make only the most necessary things for children. First thing is to restore the fence of the orphanage that there could not penetrate those who do not place near children. Secondly there is the plan to repair the facades of buildings of the orphanage, who are in a sad state.

We understand that raise funds to date is hard enough. Nevertheless, we are confident that in the business community there are caring people and companies that will be able to identify feasible amount for the repair and rehabilitation of infrastructure and buildings of the orphanage. Even the amount that many seems "ridiculous", all together can create quite sufficient for this local project funding.
Full control of all revenues, and the amount and direction of cost, as usual, will be available on the Fund's website under "Income", "Costs", "Documents". Participants of the Fund presented in the relevant section.