In this section you may find the news, events and very interesting facts about our Company

Construction project to help the orphanage 26.12.2013

Company "Commonwealth" offers colleagues and partners to participate in the construction of the 95th anniversary of Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskogo orphanage. Pay attention!

Web-site of Sheremetyevo-Pesochinsky orphanage 25.12.2013

Today, December 25, 2013, web-site of Sheremetyevo Pesochinskogo orphanage officially starts.

New project of our partner 02.12.2013

Company "Community" congratulates its partner - Bell Integrator - with the launch of a new perspective project.

Seminar on VAT FAQ 27.11.2013

November? 26 Company Community held another workshop for partners. This time it was devoted to one aspect of the VAT.

Partner's news: XXXIII International Student Film & Theater Festival 22.11.2013

From 18 to 23 November 2013 in Moscow and 22 Russian cities passes XXXIII IInternational Student Film & Theater Festival. The event is organized with the support of our partner - the group of companies "Gallery."

Roundtable for partners for VAT deductions and verify expenditure 15.11.2013

November 14th Сompany "Community" held a roundtable meeting, which was attended by the chief accountants and financial managers of partner companies. The theme for the exchange of ideas and experiences has been the introduction and use of a "universal instrument of transfer" (UIT).

Recommendations for online advertising for a partner company 08.11.2013

"Community" company is evaluating the project to create an online store for one of its partners. The subject of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising of the store in Yandex Direct and social networks.

Congratulations on National Unity Day! 03.11.2013

Unity of effort of friends and partners - the path to success in any project.

Seminar on changes in the supply of VAT-declaration 29.10.2013

Сompany "Community" renews a series of training workshops for partner companies. The next event will take place on October 31. The theme of the meeting: a new procedure for filing of VAT-declaration in 2014

"Community" company is planning to participate in the development of New Moscow 21.10.2013

Our company has entered the stage of completion of the acquisition of the object and the land within the New Moscow.