25.01.2017 The Сommunity Company has launched several projects to attract co-financing.

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In this section you may find the news, events and very interesting facts about our Company

The Board of Directors has been changed 10.09.2014

The Board of Directors has been expandended with two persons.

New Year's Eve visit in Sheremetievo-Pesochinsky Children’s Home 10.09.2014

Our representatives revisited Sheremetievo-Pesochinsky Children’s Home (orphanage). There took place the traditional holiday "Circle of Friends", and "Commonwealth" Company came as a invited guests.

The Colorful Planet 10.09.2014

Children's Holiday "Colorful Planet" took place in Sheremetievo-Pesochinsky Children’s Home. It was devoted both to the end of school year and to release of 15 pupils to adult life.

The opening of the sports complex 01.09.2014

August 29, there was opened sports complex at Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskogiy orphanage. We thank everyone who participated in the financing of humanitarian project!

The Circle of the Year 2014 27.05.2014

Representatives of Community Company entered a traditional festival in May Sheremetyevo Pesochinsky orphanage.

May, 9 - Victory Day of 07.05.2014

The day of victory over Nazism - national day of Remembrance and Pride.

Difficult period for business 24.04.2014

Company "Community" continues to work despite the increasingly difficult conditions in the financial sector.

Due Diligence project Completed 31.03.2014

Company "Community" completed Due Diligence procedure for one of the largest banks in the Baltic.

Change of company management 12.03.2014

The management of the company "Community" has changed.