25.01.2017 The Сommunity Company has launched several projects to attract co-financing.

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Partners' news 13.04.2015

Congratulations to our partner Bell Integrator with another business success!

Congratulations to the Ladies! 06.03.2015

Best wishes with Tha Ladies' Day!

Congratulations to the 95th years anniversary of Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskiy orphanage! 03.02.2015

January 30 the Ryazan Youth Palace hosted the celebration of the 95th years anniversary of Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskiy orphanage. “Community” Company as one of the chiefs of the orphanage attended the event in an expanded format.

2014: summing up 26.01.2015

January is period to review the past year and to build for the future plans. This tradition is not alien to the Company "Community".

New Year's Eve in the orphanage 28.12.2014

December 26 at Sheremetyevo-Pesochinskiy orphanage held New Year's holiday. Traditionally the company "Community" has visited children and tutors.

Happy New Year 2015! 25.12.2014

Dear partners, colleagues and co-workers! The company "Community" wishes you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

News from partners 20.10.2014

Company "Community" congratulates its partners with new business achievements!

The charter company has been changed 10.09.2014

In September, the company's "Community" has changed the charter company. In particular, the introduction of a new governing body of the Board of Directors took place. Andrew Litovchenko, taken office as Chairman of the Board of Directors, is well known financier in the banking and investment community.

Since now the english version of our site is avaliable 10.09.2014

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